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Tom Toles

“How the Assault on the Climate Became an Assault on the Truth”


The story of how we have been failing on the climate issue has become one part of the story of the severe breakdown in American politics. The only way for opponents to avoid dealing with climate change was to mount an assault on the science. This has been disturbingly successful not only with regard to the natural environment, but also the political environment. When the standard of accuracy starts eroding, it stands as both a metaphor and a symptom of larger degradation of our democracy and its functions. This has been a frustrating, frightening epoch of American history to cover, and one which we are still groping to find our way through.

Tom Toles is the Pulitzer Prize-winning Editorial Cartoonist and writer for the Washington Post. He has previously been the Editorial Cartoonist for US News and World Report, The New Republic, the New York Daily News, the Buffalo News, and the Buffalo Courier-Express. His awards include the Pulitzer Prize (1990), Herblock Cartooning Prize (2011), National Cartoonists’ Society Best Editorial Cartoons (2003), National Headliner Award (2005), The Week Opinion Award Best Editorial Cartoonist (2005 and 2010), The Mencken Award Best Editorial Cartoon (1990), Fischetti  Cartoon Prize (1986), the Overseas Press Club Thomas Nast Award (2003), The Wilderness Society Aldo Leopold Award for Distinguished Editorial Writing (2006), and the National Press Club Order of the Owl (2015). His new book on climate change with co-author Michael Mann, The Madhouse Effect, was published by Columbia University Press in September 2016.