Based on the novel by Amy Tan, screenplay by Tan and Ronald Bass
Directed by Wayne Wang

The Joy Luck Club touches a universal cord that resonates:
All parents have expectations for their children, but accepting reality tests parental love.

At the Joy Luck Club, Chinese-born mothers relate their expectations to their four American-born Chinese-American daughters. Their stories are characterized by frustration and disappointment, but in the final resolution maternal and filial love triumph.

All of the mothers have journeyed from pre-revolutionary China to San Francisco. Their stories are harrowing; nevertheless, they survive, overcoming unimaginable obstacles. But their experiences color their relationships with their American daughters, who are caught up in the conflict between their mothers’ expectations and their own American-ness.

“I’ve seen the movie about twenty-five times and I am not ashamed to say I’ve been moved to tears each time.”

Amy Tan, The Opposite of Fate